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“70 Edition”: Jaguar celebrates 70 years of the C-Type with two exclusive replicas

THE Jaguar along with Jaguar Classic, the brand's historic vehicle department, are in full celebration in 2022 for the 70th anniversary of one of its most iconic vehicles in history: the C-Type.

With the birth of the Jaguar C-Type in 1951 under the command of designer Malcolm Sayer, no one expected that such important successes as winning the 24 Hours of Le Mans would already be collected that same year, a victory that the C-Type repeated again in 1953. , precisely the year in which its production would cease.

The C-Type already had very advanced solutions for the time in 1953, which is why Jaguar Classic took it as a reference for a new revival in 2022.

C-Type will be honored with two exclusive replicas

Jaguar Classic, in addition to the units that are creating the C-Type on the occasion of this anniversary, will also present two privileged customers with two totally unique units called the 70 Edition.

The great peculiarity of these C-Type 70 Editions is that they will have unique characteristics that will distinguish them from the others, in addition to the fact that they are manufactured at the Classic Works facilities in the English city of Coventry, where the artisans will dedicate a total of 3,000 hours of work to each vehicle.

Precisely the first of these two exclusive units uses the racing team's British Racing Green color in combination with Green Suede leather upholstery, an homage to Rolt and Hamilton's XKC051 C-Type.

The second unit will be distinguished by the exclusive Verbier Silver color, with a Cranberry Red leather interior.

Both on the doors and on the hood is the old-style number 70 that was used in racing, recalling the years of such an iconic vehicle, a numbering that is also embroidered on the backs of the seats and which is inspired by the visual characteristics of the original C-Type. designed by Malcolm Sayer.

In addition, each unit has a custom key compartment and, in conjunction with jeweler Deakin & Francis, a commemorative dashboard plaque was created from the fuel tank of the original 1953 C-Type.

These two exclusive units will go to those who pay the £1.5 million requested for each unit, without taking into account local taxes.

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