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Classic '70s Cadillac Found In Junkyard With An Unexpected Surprise Under The Hood

Launched to the market in the late 1940s as a trim level of the Cadillac Series 62, the de Ville became a standalone nameplate in 1958 and quickly grew into one of the most iconic luxury automobiles in all of history.

Built until 2005, it spawned no less than eight different generations and a long list of famous revamps.

But while the first models of town are now desirable collectibles, the latest versions don't get much attention in the classic car market.

Front-wheel drive models introduced from year 1985 onwards are the least desirable, but most experts agree that the decline began in 1977, with the arrival of the fifth generation of Ville.

This question is not a surprise, as the entire automotive industry was going through a turbulent time at this time.

Downsized and equipped with significantly less powerful engines than previous generations, the de Ville remained a solid product into the late 1970s, with around 250,000 units a year, but deliveries dropped to just 136,000 by 1980.

It's true that Ville's fifth and sixth generation still sell in the millions, which isn't bad by '80s standards, but you won't see Cadillac enthusiasts rushing to save them from junkyards or barns like they do with 60's models.

An “exclusive” model of the Cadillac de Ville

The “Classic Ride Society” found a 1979 Cadillac de Ville with an unusual engine under the hood.

And we're not talking about a limited edition with some kind of special V8 or an LS variety, as we've seen in the restomods, but rather an engine swap.

Whoever owned this equipment before it was left in the junkyard opted for an in-line six almost exclusively, as Ville's fifth generation was the only iteration of the full-size car that received a V6 in addition to V8 engines.

Borrowed from the Buick division, the 252-cubic-inch (4.1-liter) unit was introduced in the late 1980 model year.

The De Ville was the first Cadillac available with an engine with less than eight cylinders since 1914.

The same generation also received a 350-cubic-inch (5.7-liter) V8 diesel from Oldsmobile.

We don't know what prompted the previous owner to opt for a six-in-a-row model out of all the available GM factories, but we can say he got a little creative in spray painting various components gold.

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