Tuesday, February 7, 2023
StartNews793 Electric: Caterpillar introduces gigantic battery-powered electric mining truck

793 Electric: Caterpillar introduces gigantic battery-powered electric mining truck

Caterpillar, one of the leaders in the heavy vehicle industry, successfully demonstrated its first large battery-powered 793 Electric mining truck and announced a significant investment to transform its Arizona test field into a sustainable test and validation center of the future.

During the demonstration at the Tucson Proving Grounds in Green Valley, the body of the 793 Electric was loaded with material from a quarry that needed to be transported to a nearby warehouse like any other heavy truck in normal operation.

At the event, Caterpillar monitored more than 1,100 data streams, gathering 110,000 data points per second, to validate simulation and engineering modeling capabilities.

The vehicle also had to travel one kilometer (0.62 miles) up a 10% incline at 12 km/h (7.5 mph) and then downhill, capturing energy that would normally be lost in the heat and regenerating that energy to the battery. .

Upon completing the entire run, the truck maintained enough battery charge to perform additional cycles.

Caterpillar Reinforces Commitment to Sustainability

In support of the energy transition, Caterpillar is investing to transform the test site into a functional and sustainable “mine site of the future” by installing and using a variety of renewable energy sources.

The aim is to implement the same sustainable solutions that mining companies will use in their own operations to learn first-hand what it takes to run an electrified mine and effectively support customers through the changes.

“Our global team has come together to develop this battery truck at an accelerated pace to help our customers meet their sustainability commitments. This demonstration is a significant milestone and we are excited that these trucks will begin work at customer sites around the world in the near future,” said Caterpillar Resource Industries Group President Denise Johnson.

As part of the site transformation, Caterpillar will install the latest advances in sustainability technology, including green hydrogen production, natural gas and 100% hydrogen reciprocating engine power generation, fuel cell power generation and energy storage systems expanded.

The site will also leverage a variety of renewable energy sources, including wind, solar and hydrogen, capable of powering the facility and its products as they become electrified.

The facility's transformation will also serve as a learning platform to optimize charging and energy management integration.

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