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StartcarsAehra announces luxury electric SUV with a range of 800 km

Aehra announces luxury electric SUV with a range of 800 km

Aehra, a promising Italian manufacturer of state-of-the-art electric vehicles, presented the prototype of its first model. As promised, this is a utility; a vehicle that, however, looks nothing like conventional utility vehicles.

This one model in the luxury segment, was presented to the press in Milan, where Aehra is headquartered, during a press conference on November 8th.

Aehra's electric SUV


The Aehra EV SUV weighs around two tonnes and is equipped with three electric motors with a total output of 750-820 hp.

In addition to the 120 kWh battery, which is notably the largest ever installed in a production model to date, the Aehra EV aims for correspondingly impressive performance and power, thanks to the presence of a trio of electric motors.

A full charge of the traction battery with a capacity of 120 kWh should be enough to offer a range of over 800 km of racing.

The Aehra EV should produce between 550 and 600 kW. Despite the SUV's body and large size, the model's wheelbase reaches 3.0 meters.

The Italian SUV will have a comparatively low weight that should not exceed two tons contributing to a dynamic behavior on the road, similar to sports cars.

“We wanted to prove that there can be aerodynamically shaped SUVs that don't have to look as boring as today's bodies without sacrificing interior space. The most important aerodynamic point at the front of the vehicle is the angle between the windshield and the hood, which we almost completely eliminated by developing a unibody SUV,” said Aehra Founder and CEO Hazim Nada.

In terms of price, the company's first electric vehicle will be in the $160,000 to $180,000 range.

Aehra also announced the presentation of a second model in sedan form for February 2023, both models will be available from 2025.

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