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StartNewsAline Füchter shows reconstructed face after accident

Aline Füchter shows reconstructed face after accident

40 days have passed since accident suffered in Mato Grosso, the 'Muse of the Roads' Aline Fuchter, told in detail the feeling she experienced when the truck she was driving was hit by a part of another vehicle and had the cabin destroyed.

“I didn't feel any pain, and I was awake, talking. I think the body falls asleep right away”, he wrote on his social networks, where he accumulates more than 1.5 million followers.

The report was made on Sunday (20) at night, during the recovery of the third surgery, performed on the face. “That's why they say when they die they don't feel anything, like a plane crash, something big. And it's true," he continued.

On the same date, the truck driver showed her reconstructed face, and said she was happy to have recovered sensitivity in her lips and roof of her mouth. “I feel everything right. I was very happy, I'm very good, feeling very good”, he said.

Photo: Social Networks/Disclosure

The truck driver recovers in Blumenau, in the Itajaí Valley.

“I am in a special place where people recover. I'm going to stay here for a week, so I can leave,” he announced shortly after remembering the accident.

Photo: Everton Torres/ Transgender Brazil

Following, the Santa Catarina also responded to a follower, who asked about the use of the belt. “Wear a belt. If I was without, I would be dead,” she wrote.

The accident that left the truck driver seriously injured occurred in Mato Grosso, and involved another truck on the BR-174, between Pontes Lacerda and Porto Esperidião. The collision occurred on January 13.

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