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Alpine A110 R Fernando Alonso: A tribute car to the two-time F1 world champion with 32 units

After the recent presentation of Alpine A 110 R in Tokyo just a few days ago, the French company has just presented a very special and limited edition of this radical version, keeping its appearance practically intact compared to the “conventional” version, although with several details that distinguish this exclusive jewel.

The special edition will be limited to just 32 units, as a reference to the number of victories Alonso has achieved throughout his Formula 1 career.

Special details of the Alpine A110 R Fernando Alonso

The special model features the same matte blue exterior paint tone as the current Alpine F1 car, with gloss black elements for the carbon fiber front hood and engine cover.

The rear end also features a glossy black graphic along its width, along with black swan neck mounts for the R's rear wing.

The brand also painted some parts black on its hood and on the fasteners of its rear spoiler.

Behind the quirky, aerodynamic 20-inch black wheels, the special edition remounts orange brake calipers in honor of the two-time world champion, as well as on the C-pillar, where the French flag has been replaced by a blue, orange and yellow flag.

From the doors to the interior, the differences will be quickly visible as they are in the same orange color as the aforementioned brake calipers.

These details are present in the door handles, the central strip of the steering wheel and, as icing on the cake, a signed replica of Fernando Alonso's racing helmet.

Regarding its mechanics, we will find the same TCe engine with 300 hp and 340 Nm of torque as the A110 R.

However, where there is a big difference is in the chassis, as this version weighs 29 kilos less, tuned by the Asturian driver at the Barcelona circuit.

Finally, another of its great novelties is a new suspension adjustment system that allows you to modify the vehicle's height by 10 millimeters when it enters the track and to stiffen its suspension by 5%.

The price of this luxury car will start at 148,000 euros, a very high figure, although proportionate to the model's exclusivity.

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