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Apocalypse 6×6 is customized with 1,000 HP Kevlar Hummer EV and 38 second lift

One of the first full-size EV trucks to hit the market, the 2023 GMC Hummer EV Edition 1, is no longer available to order from the GM subsidiary.

Instead, if you're interested in the terrain-dominating Hummer EV truck or Hummer EV SUV, all you can do is sign up for email updates.

Officially, that is, as several dealerships and aftermarket shops have been keen to reveal that they have some workarounds recently.

The Custom 6×6 Apocalypse

Apocalypse 6×6 isn't that exotic 6×6 purveyor like the Cerberus (G-Class), Hellfire, Sinister 6, Doomsday (all three based on Jeep Gladiators), Warlord or Juggernaut (bonkers Ram 1500 TRXs) and Darkhorse (Ford Bronco SUV)?

Well, technically yes, but it seems they also like to play with ordinary things if by that we mean a 1,000hp Hummer EV lifted in 38s and looking ready for war while enjoying a glass of champagne.

That's because the custom Apocalypse 6×6 is not only fully loaded from the factory, it also sports an Olive Drab Kevlar coating on the outside, along with the custom elevation setting needed to handle 38 seconds, as well as a Saddle (brown) interior equally impressive and hand-stitched.

Instead, the company noted that this one-of-a-kind custom creation is for sale and don't even dare ask for a price quote.

That's because the Apocalypse 6×6 has so far remained mum on the asking price, at least officially. So maybe a trade is just a DM away.

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