Art in Wood that Moves? Dad Builds Full-Size Epic Tank Replica for Son!


ND Woodworking Art is a true master at creating extremely detailed vehicles made out of wood. However, what really makes his works amazing is that these creations are full-size replicas that actually work. Prepare to be blown away by the story of how this artist used his amazing skills to build a full-size Swedish STRV 103 tank for his son, all inspired by the famous World of Tanks video game.

The construction process begins with a box-shaped steel frame and rubber pneumatic wheels. From there, an electric motor and chain drive system are added, complete with realistic tank tracks. This approach is reminiscent of the methodology applied by ND Woodworking Art in previous tank designs, but on an even larger scale. Quickly, a functional work platform is created, and they test it out by taking a walk around the neighborhood.

In the next step, the team builds a metal frame for the tank's superstructure. The Swedish STRV 103 is classified as a turretless tank, possibly the only one of its kind from the Cold War era. This design feature gave it a lower height than most tanks, making it easier to hide and harder to target. For the team behind ND Woodworking Art, these features also simplify the construction process.

Once the superstructure frame is complete, craftsmen assemble the outer shell using wood panels cut to fit the profile of the STRV 103. The process is reminiscent of assembling a giant three-dimensional jigsaw puzzle. Piece by piece, the tank takes shape as craftsmen craft accessories such as fuel tanks and wooden paddles.

Finally, the tank is completed, and the father decides to test it out by taking his son for a ride. The front part is hydraulically lowered, making it easy to get on and off the vehicle. As an electric vehicle, albeit with a limited range, the tank moves easily on roads and flat terrain. However, it doesn't smash cars, climb ladders, and corners like a real tank. As they walk down the road, father and son wave to people passing by. For the boy, who is passionate about tanks, it's like leading his own parade.

This remarkable project creating a full-size functional wooden tank is a testament to the creativity and exceptional skills of ND Woodworking Art. This moving work of art is living proof that passion and craftsmanship can bring true projects to life. surprising.

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