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Aston Martin H120X appears in CGI concept with 1200 horsepower and futuristic design

Aston Martin, the exotic British automaker with a penchant for elegant grand touring cars, currently has a tremendously expanded model lineup.

Well, we said tremendously, maintaining the automaker's exotic proportions: Vantage, DB11, DBS, DBX, Valhalla and Valkyrie.

In fact, in addition to a four-door sedan, the manufacturer offers virtually every two-door coupe and convertible option, an SUV and some supercars.

So how about also sporting a hypercar at the top of the list?

The company is already pushing the high-end sports car with the 'base' Valhalla mid-engined plug-in hybrid sports car that delivers 937 horsepower from the pairing of a 4.0-liter Mercedes AMG biturbo V8 and a pair of electric motors. .

Plus, the Valkyrie (aka AM-RB 001), resides at the top as the company's real-world flagship, complete with the 1,160-horsepower hybrid powertrain.

By the way, the latter is driven by a naturally aspirated 6.5-liter Aston Martin-Cosworth V12, while the electric motor produces only 162 horsepower.

That means Valkyrie has almost 1,000 more ICE horsepower at her disposal without turbocharging and that probably gave a lot of people reason to dream both in the real world and in the virtual world.

The Aston Martin H120X

One such person was 13-year-old self-taught automotive 3D artist Samar Vijay, better known as cg_celestial on social media, who decided to give Valhalla and Valkyrie a real hypercar sibling.

Dubbed the Aston Martin H120X Concept, this futuristic coupe isn't joining the sustainability revolution, despite its modern design and possible hints in the name.

Instead, H120X is a codename for hypercar, and 120X is a mathematical play on the 1,200 horsepower figure squeezed out of the same free-breathing 6.5-liter Cosworth V12 without any electric motor assistance.


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