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StartcarsBear completely destroys the inside of a Range Rover - Watch the video!

Bear completely destroys the inside of a Range Rover - Watch the video!

The inside of a Range Rover was completely destroyed by a bear that was locked inside the vehicle for hours.

The incident took place in Arnold, California, United States, with the bear opening the car door, which was unlocked, and closing it from the inside.

The beginning of the unbelievable story of a bear that destroyed a Range Rover

Vicky Constantini, a Bay Area woman, left her car unlocked in the backyard of her vacation home while enjoying a weekend with friends.

The bear, looking for food and a way to escape, got into the vehicle and completely destroyed the interior of the car.

When Vicky heard her car honking at 4:30 am on Saturday, September 12, she went to investigate. She and her friends used the key fob to open the hatch.

The video, shared on TikTok, shows the bear inside his white Range Rover, climbing into the backseat, escaping through the vehicle's back door and running towards the woods.

@vickycostantini1 The peep has been identified! Mugshot and wanted posters! #bearbreakin #bear #rangerover #arnoldca ♬ Bad Boys (Theme From Cops) – Inner Circle

In an interview with Fox, Vicky described the moment:

“I was in disbelief. I was completely stunned. This is my... or was it my Range Rover. The bear tore the dashboard, all the door panels are destroyed, all the seats are torn, but the worst part of this whole story was the strong smell that was left inside the car,” she said, claiming that the bear spent six or seven years. hours trapped in his SUV before escaping back into the wild.

Vicky even reported to the publication that her insurer hardly believed her, but luckily, she had enough footage to prove the incident.

The car was destroyed, but luckily no one was hurt, and now she is driving a rental car while looking for a new vehicle.


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