World's Largest Pickup Truck Has a House Inside – “Dodge 1950 Power Wagon”


World's Largest Pickup Truck Has a House Inside - "1950 Dodge Power Wagon"

In a way that only Jeremy Clarkson could, he helped us stumble upon what is believed to be the world's biggest pickup truck on this nostalgic return.

The body takes the form of a 1950 Dodge Power Wagon, saves one detail. Every part of this platform was built to a scale of 50 times the size of the original pickup.

Inside, we find that this majestic monster still features a house with elements such as bedrooms. The tailgate folds down to reveal a patio at the back of the truck.

Check out all the details this monstrous Dodge replica has to offer. What do you think of this insane creation? What's your favorite part?

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