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StartcarsBMW is preparing to update the M2 model with 473 hp

BMW is preparing to update the M2 model with 473 hp

The second generation of the compact sports icon, the BMW M2, is set to launch next month.

However, while we wait to see the standard model, it appears that the BMW is already working on an even more powerful version that will carry the CS or CSL emblem.

According to Autocar, prototypes of these models have already been seen at BMW's headquarters in Munich, where they presented a more aggressive look at the front and rear, which is obvious despite the camouflage they used.

The prototypes also have an M Performance rear spoiler, not just the trapezoidal tailpipes, but also the standard four tailpipes.

The M2 CS/CSL has an integrated roll cage instead of a complete roll cage as in the case of the previous M2 CSL prototype.

The new M2 has more detailed specs

The new M2 will be powered by an in-line six with a turbocharger, namely the S58 engine that is also found in the current M3 and M4 models.

In standard form, the M2 should develop 444 hp like the F87 M2 CS, but the more powerful CS or CSL is expected to deliver up to 473 hp.

While the standard M2 might have the option of all-wheel drive, the CS/CSL will send power to the rear wheels via BMW's excellent eight-speed automatic transmission.

There is no knowledge of a manual transmission, and it was available on the old CS model, so this could actually be a CSL.

The new M2 will borrow the braking system from the M3 and M4, but even more braking power is expected in the case of the M2 CS/CSL.

A heavier M2

Weight is also extremely important. The previous CS was a little heavier than the standard M2 model, but if the new version carried the CSL label, it would have had to follow a stricter diet to lose at least 70kg and deserve the epithet of “light”.

However, it is still expected to be heavier than the current model due to the CLAR platform it shares with its bigger brothers.

The new M2 is due to be unveiled on October 11, while the CS/CSL is expected next year due to the early stage of development.

That would be a year late for BMW's 50th anniversary celebrations, which have so far delivered the M4 CSL and M3 Touring, as well as announcing production of the BMW XM SUV, M2 and the new BMW 3.0 CSL Homage.

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