Collection of Brazilian automobiles forgotten for years on a farm


Collection of Brazilian automobiles forgotten for years in a farm.

Let's talk about a farm located in the interior of São Paulo, São José dos Campos region. The place is far from the urban area and, therefore, it might still have been hidden for years if it weren't for Julio Camargo, known as Julio Raridades. He's been hunting rarities for years — those guys who are always looking for rarities, old or both, that are in perfect condition and offer potential for trades.

Julio always gets information about treasures hidden somewhere—someone always has a story about an old car tucked away in some garage, or even a collection of them. And, usually these stories are real. And it was in 2014 that he received a tip, Julio found out about the property that, supposedly, kept a collection of cars from the 70's and 80's, parked in perfect condition.

Automatically Julio began to gather information. It took several months of searching before he got a name, a phone number and an address. For security, the address and name of the owner remain secret.

They are common models that we see on the streets, but rarely in such good condition: Brasilia, VW Beetle, Variant and Gol BX (all with air-cooled engines), Ford Corcel II and Del Rey and a Chevrolet Chevette.

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