Thursday, March 23, 2023
StartNewsBrazilian creates cheaper and more powerful gasoline and is arrested

Brazilian creates cheaper and more powerful gasoline and is arrested

Gilmar, a Brazilian scientist(chemist), illegally used cheaper and more potent gasoline in his home. Upon being arrested, Gilmar claimed that the product found in his shed was, in fact, a product used for cleaning and not fuel, as the police claimed.

The cheapest gasoline created by the chemist was petroleum-free, its formula contained a mixture of methanol and solvents. The dosages and form of processing are still unknown. What is known is that it worked and that Gilmar produced about 10,000 liters per month.

According to chemical engineer and head of the State Foundation for Environmental Protection (Fepam), Renato Zucchetti, gasoline was highly efficient, at low and high speeds.

"It's impressive. It arrives with an empty tank, puts on that gas and leaves walking normally. We were faced with a 'sparrow teacher', who managed to create a formula without oil as a raw material”, said Tarcísio Kaltbach, delegate of the 1st Police Department in Nvo Hamburgo, Porto Alegre.

It was reported that Gilmar sold its fuel at R$1.50 litres. Even though it is very efficient, its use could cause mechanical damage to the cars that used it.

The 57-year-old chemist was arrested in the Octanagem operation, carried out by the Public Ministry of Porto Alegre and the 1st Police Department of Nono Hamburgo. The suspect was arrested in the act for producing and selling fuel without authorization from the National Agency of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuel (ANP).

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  1. That's why Brazil is not going forward. They could guide and say that they couldn't sell this type of fuel without testing, and with his help develop a type of fuel that doesn't have oil and doesn't damage vehicles. And so with a new fuel formula Brazil would start using and exporting, thus earning more income, we need authorities with more intelligence.


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