Tuesday, March 21, 2023
StartcarsBrazilian creates Fusgolpala and goes viral on the internet

Brazilian creates Fusgolpala and goes viral on the internet

Do you know the Fusgolpala 250S? Well… someone decided to invest time and money to create this weird car that is basically a Beetle, with various body parts and Gol finishing details. Under the hood, a 6 cc 250S engine from the Opal.

Detail: the engine is front. And to fit in the small trunk of the Beetle, it had to be added to the entire front part of the Gol.

We don't know more details about the chassis, suspension, gearbox… The name is “Fusgolpala 250S”, with the right to the emblem on the rear. According to the Detran, it is a 1995 Beetle.

Human inventiveness knows no bounds! They certainly spent a good amount of money on this “project”.

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