Brazilian Craftswoman's Crochet Beetle Drives the Internet Crazy – See How She Transformed Her Car!


In recent times, social media has been flooded with incredible videos and images that show the incredible range of possibilities that the art of crochet offers. From clothes to accessories, decoration and even toys, crochet has conquered its space. However, an artisan from Alagoas took this art to a new level, leaving the world awestruck by covering her beloved Beetle with crochet pieces she made herself.

Ana Lúcia Vergetti, The Crochet Master

This skilled artisan, known affectionately as Lucinha, told BHAZ the incredible story behind her epic project. She dedicated six months of her life to transforming her modest Beetle into a walking work of art. It wasn't just a simple cover for the outside of the vehicle; Lucinha went further. In addition to covering the Beetle's exterior, she also created crochet covers for the car's seats and steering wheel.

“Since I was 10 years old, I have been crocheting. Transforming my Beetle into a masterpiece was an incredible personal accomplishment. I love my Beetle dearly and take it everywhere. Transforming it into a unique piece was a way of combining the useful with the pleasant,” said Dona Lucinha in an exclusive interview with the BHAZ portal.

The Legality of Vehicle Wrapping

Many wonder about the legality of a project as bold as Lucinha's. After all, this is not just a crochet project, but a complete transformation into a road vehicle. Brazilian traffic legislation, through the National Traffic Council (Contran), addresses this topic in Resolution 292.

According to Article 3, any modification to vehicles must be preceded by authorization from the authority responsible for registration and licensing. Failure to comply with this rule may result in penalties and administrative measures in accordance with Article 230, item VII, of the Brazilian Traffic Code.

Furthermore, Article 14 of the same resolution establishes that color changes, such as the one carried out by Lucinha on her Beetle, are permitted as long as they do not cover more than 50% of the vehicle's surface, excluding the glazed areas. If the modification results in a predominantly undefined color, it may be considered a “fantasy color”.

Therefore, before carrying out a similar project, it is essential to obtain authorization from the responsible authorities and ensure that the modification complies with current legislation.

In summary, Lucinha's crochet Beetle is a notable example of the creativity and skill that can be applied to different areas, including vehicle customization. However, it is important to remember that legality must always be respected when carrying out such projects to avoid problems with traffic authorities. This Beetle is truly a work of art on wheels, taking social media by storm and inspiring other crochet enthusiasts to explore new frontiers in their creations.

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