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Buick Wildcat gets eye-catching EV concept in render

Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate, spend time with family, and give thanks for all the good things in our lives.

But there are also renders being released that actively stir fans of cars with hypothetical appearances that look much cooler than the real-world models.

One such example is that of the General Motors Design Center, which decided to create a Buick emblem, in order to generate a positive redefinition of the model's strategy, which should be launched soon.

So what we have here is a sporty looking and specious Buick car.

The rendering of the Buick Wildcat EV 


Some enthusiasts were quick to guess that this CGI creation by digital artist Aaron Riggs, known as zambiniftm on social media, who also helped write the Caddy CT4-V Blackwing, might have something to do with the impressive Buick Wildcat EV concept.

But others may have observed that Buick dream only has the allure of a two-door coupe and is instead more of a sporty version of the traditional sedan, with a potential EV twist judging by the small front entry.

As such, it's more appropriate to imagine it as a potential renaissance for other nameplates.

Naturally, enthusiasts were quick to point out a few contenders, including the Riviera personal luxury car or the premium full-size Park Avenue model.

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