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StartcarsCaddy Escalade-V wins Widebody in digital transformation

Caddy Escalade-V wins Widebody in digital transformation

Firstly, simply because it attracted a lot of attention to their struggling brand fortunes. Second, interest was high – the first retail production Escalade-V sold at auction for a SUV or high-end custom luxury supercar (US $ 525K instead of a MSRP of around US $ 150K). Third, there is no adequate competition at the moment.

Furthermore, according to the imaginative world of virtual automotive artists, it will gain many additional looks when the aftermarket takes over. For example, the pixel master better known as carmstyledesign on social media presented us with a fabulous preview of a wide-body SUV horn. And it's something we see entirely possible in the real world, too, after deliveries begin.

Either way, the CGI specialist is back in modern American action after a quick euro-inspired detour that saw the creation of a wide-body VW Arteon R-Line like a digital lemon and a bit of classic melancholy that showed a 1969 Mercury Cougar, Chevy Camaro Z/28, and a 1967 Ford Mustang display some crazy CGI widebodies. But don't think your digital brushstrokes are any more tamer now.

Instead, the predicted 2023 Cadillac Escalade-V still brings the proper atmosphere to show off their aggressive lines of wide-body aerodynamic kits and those huge, deep wire wheel shoes. And, as this seems to work as a mere preview of the latest virtual project, perhaps the author will soon hear a fan's assessment that " the wheels are perfect, the front grille is perfect, (and the) only thing missing is the hole in the roof for the machine gun turrets ” that would make it a real “ killer machine! 

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