Surprising! 10 Cars with captivating designs that look like children's drawings


In the world of automobiles, there are vehicles that, at first glance, seem to have come straight from children's scribbles. With seemingly simple but surprisingly captivating designs, these cars defy convention and stand out for their originality. In this month dedicated to children, we will explore 10 cars that, in some way, remind us of children's cartoons, but that have earned a special place in the hearts of automotive enthusiasts.

  1. Fiat Uno

    The first generation Fiat Uno features rectilinear shapes and a sloping hood, which earned it the affectionate nickname “Orthopedic Boot”. Despite its peculiar appearance, the Uno was revolutionary for its time, with a remarkable aerodynamic coefficient and ample internal space.

  2. Jeep Renegade

    The Jeep Renegade opted for a unique style among compact sports utility vehicles. With its square lines and robust size, the Renegade quickly conquered the market and became the best-selling SUV in Brazil.

  3. Volkswagen Kombi

    The iconic Kombi, affectionately nicknamed “Old Lady”, has a design that takes us back to childhood visions of a van for family trips. Its versatility has made it a symbol of diverse uses, including a cargo vehicle, counterculture icon and classic.

  4. Lada Laika

    The Lada Laika, brought to the Brazilian market in the 1990s, features a square design with straight, simple lines, reminiscent of a children's drawing made with a school ruler.

  5. GWM Ora 03

    The GWM Ora 03 is the first electric car from Great Wall Motors in Brazil and has an adorable design, with rounded shapes and round headlights, which remind us of children's drawings.

  6. Ford Fiesta (third generation)

    The third generation of the Ford Fiesta, which arrived in Brazil in 1995, features a design that looks like it was created by a child. Straight lines, a straight roof and rectangular headlights contribute to this peculiar perception.

  7. Fiat Uno (second generation)

    The second generation of Fiat Uno, launched in 2010, maintains the box style with rounded parts, resembling the childlike features of a car.

  8. Chevrolet Meriva

    The Chevrolet Meriva has a rounded design that makes it look like it was inspired by children's drawings. Its “half bubble” style offers ample internal space and a functional modular seating system.

  9. Volkswagen up!

    The Volkswagen up! It follows the square compact trend of the 2010s, but with softer touches. Even so, its design still reminds us of children's drawings.

  10. Ford EcoSport

They say that the Ford EcoSport, which inaugurated the urban SUV segment, was initially scribbled on a paper napkin. Its boxy Jeep styling and elaborate headlights made it the market leader for more than a decade.

Bonus: Peugeot 205

French cars from the 1990s also had designs that looked like they had been created by children, with their square shapes and simple features. The Peugeot 205, for example, stood out for its straight lines and wide rear.

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