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Absolute rarity: CBX 750F 1986 Japanese 0km

This CBX 750F 1986 Japanese 0km was found by Ronaldo from Campinas. The motorcycle (also known as 7 rooster) is a sports motorcycle, manufactured by Honda and marketed in Brazil between 1986 and 1994. This motorcycle received several nicknames throughout its manufacturing life, many of which originated from its available colors.

The curious nickname given to the motorcycle comes from the Bicho game. In the USA the motorcycle was called Seven-Fifty (seven-fifty). When he landed in Brazil, the number 7 remained, and the number 50 was replaced by the rooster, which has this numbering in the game.

Imported from Japan to Brazil, the motorcycle caused a stir, as there was nothing in the national industry that could compare to its image. Its visual appeal, powerful engine for the standards of the time and with a speed of over 200 km/h, was unanimously considered by all, and for many it became unattainable, thanks to the existing premium at the time. The reveal of the price provoked several comments.

Upon its arrival on the market, it obtained a price stipulated by the automaker of Cz$129,290.00, which was equivalent to US$9,388 at the time. However, in practice the motorcycle was sold at Cz$400.000, which was equivalent to US$29.050. Thanks to this economic phenomenon, it received the title of “the most expensive 750 in the world.

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