Exceptional: Breathtaking 1963 Chevrolet Corvette Coupe – An Impeccable Classic!


For classic car enthusiasts, the relationship with their precious vehicle can be long-lasting and passionate. However, for others, this passion may be fleeting, leading them to direct their attention to new horizons. The 1963 Chevrolet Corvette Coupe, known for its iconic “Split Window,” falls into this second category, with the seller choosing to part with it after just one year of ownership. The result is a vehicle that presents spectacularly, the result of meticulous restoration work. While not a cheap investment, the photos and description suggest the buyer won't need to spend another penny beyond the purchase price to enjoy one of the most desirable American classics of all time. This Corvette is listed on eBay, located in Richmond, Kentucky, with starting bids below reserve at $102,322, and a “Buy It Now” option at $129,500 for those willing to dare.

The “Trim Tag” provides us with valuable information about this Corvette, which leads us to classify it as “restored” rather than “refurbished.” The Riverside Red paint that covers its stunning, pristine fiberglass parts shines impressively. It is not possible to identify any issues worthy of criticism, but it is important to note that the original purchaser requested that this classic be finished in Saddle Tan, as indicated on the “Trim Tag”. This change may disappoint purists, and reversing this change is possible, although the “Buy Now” price may lead some to question whether it is worth investing additional resources in this direction. This decision will be determined by the new owner's desire to maintain originality and whether such a change would represent a sensible long-term investment. Recent volatility in the market makes this a challenging choice, one I would not want to be faced with.

The good news is that the new owner will not need to worry about this Corvette's frame or birdcage, as the seller states this vehicle is rust-free and structurally sound. The chrome accents and glass are in excellent condition, as you'd expect from a recently restored classic, and the steel wheels feature a stylish set of narrow white stripes and a gleaming set of rotating hubcaps.

The emphasis on immaculate presentation continues when we look inside this Corvette. It features correct Saddle leather upholstery as specified in the “Trim Tag”. Its condition is exceptional, with no signs of wear or other issues. The carpet is immaculate, and the dashboard is in like-new condition. The seller indicates that the horn and windshield wipers are inoperative, but the other features, lights and gauges, work as they should. Just 278 buyers ordered a 1963 Corvette with air conditioning, but it's unclear if this is one of those cars. The system may have been a later addition or a rare feature that adds to this car's attractiveness. The seller indicates that it provides effectively functioning air conditioning, and the new owner also benefits from power windows and an AM radio.

The biggest unknown hanging over this Corvette involves its “numbers-matching” condition. While some may not consider this feature essential, it is desirable when evaluating the long-term investment potential of a classic. The seller refers to the 327-cylinder V8 engine that occupies the engine compartment as “period correct,” which suggests that it may not be the original engine. This is the L75 version, which delivers 300 horsepower to the rear wheels through a four-speed manual transmission. Life behind the wheel should be easy, as the new owner gets power steering and power brakes. The Corvette has come a long way since the first V8-powered car rolled off the production line in 1955. In the case of a 1955 model, the best a buyer could hope for was a quarter-mile time of 16.6 seconds and a Top speed of 120 mph (193 km/h). This Corvette, in turn, should offer superior performance, with a quarter-mile time of 14.5 seconds and a top speed of 129 mph (207 km/h). Regardless of the situation surrounding the originality of the powertrain, the news for potential buyers is positive. This Corvette is in perfect working order, allowing the winning buyer to fly to the location and drive this example home.

Evaluating a desirable classic and the seller's motivation can be a complex task, and that appears to be the case with this 1963 Chevrolet Corvette Coupe Split Window. There is no doubt as to its overall condition, but the seller may need to answer a few questions about originality of the powertrain. It is also worth considering that this is not the first time that this classic has been offered on the market. A previous listing from the same seller indicates that after a whopping eighty-eight bids, someone hit the “Buy Now” button for $112,900. If the sale didn't materialize, advertising the Corvette with a significantly higher “Buy It Now” price might seem like an odd strategy at first glance. The ten-day auction has already received nine bids in less than a day, reaching $102,322, which suggests that although the decision may seem strange, it could also be potentially profitable. Do you believe they will be successful this time, or will it be difficult to reach the desired sales price? The decision is in the hands of the buyer. What do you think?

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