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Citroën is accused of copying the UPower SUV with its Oli concept car

Citroën's new concept car, Oli, hasn't even been launched yet and is already generating controversy.

There was a time when Chinese manufacturers were often accused of copying the designs of famous Western automakers.

A clear example of this was the Ora Punk Cat where many pointed out similarities with the Volkswagen Beetle design.

However, we may be facing a time when Western companies also copy original designs from their Chinese competitors.

And it seems that this is the case with the Citroën Oli and the UPower SUV.

The design similarities between the Citroën Oli and the UPower

The first person to point out the similarity of design between the two models was journalist Greg Kable, who through his Twitter account asked, putting the photo of the two models side by side: “Who does it better?”.

Well, what we can say is that the UPower SUV was first launched in January 2022 and the Citroën concept car hasn't even been released yet.

While the designs of the Citroen concept and the UPower SUV are quite similar, the vehicles follow very different concepts.

Oli was created to be compact and affordable, in addition to being made of recycled materials, while the UPower SUV didn't seem to have any other purpose than proving itself to be an extremely versatile vehicle.

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