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StartcarsCitroën announces concept car made from recycled materials

Citroën announces concept car made from recycled materials

Citroën presented a new electric prototype called Oli that brings the new logo from the company.

The manufacturer defines the concept car as a workshop on wheels, with the rear doors opening upside down, while it does not have a central pillar, which facilitates the entry and exit of passengers.

The model is similar in size to the Kia Soul or Citroen C3 Aircros cars, with a length of 4.2 meters, a width of 1.9 meters and a height of 1.65 meters.

But the Citroen Oli is made entirely from recycled materials, mostly composites. In addition, most parts and components can be recycled.

For example, the flat panels of the hood, roof and trunk are made of compressed corrugated cardboard reinforced with fiberglass and coated with polyurethane.

This is a development of BASF's concern, such panels are twice as light as steel ones, although the creators have yet to talk about how they will behave in an accident.

The Citroen Oli concept car

Inside, there are C-shaped LED lights, with the front and rear bumpers the same. Airbump protectors are installed on the doors, with the seats made of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) with 3D printed mesh on the backrests.

There are detachable Bluetooth speakers, while there is no screen for the infotainment system, as this function is taken over by the driver's cell phone.

The only internal display is called the Smartband, located at the base of the windshield and displaying various vehicle information.

The prototype weighs 1,000 kg, with a 40 kWh battery with a range of up to 400 km.

This means that the model charges from 20 to 80% in 23 minutes with a fast charger and can power both electrical appliances and the mains.

Its top speed is limited to 110 km/h, but the manufacturer has not released details on how many horsepower its electric motor produces.

The Citroen oli is not a hatchback but a kind of pickup. Instead of a traditional trunk, there's a side compartment with a removable top cover and a vertical rear window that slides up.

The experimental 20-inch wheels are a hybrid design, a mix of forged and light alloys, and are 15% lighter than their steel counterparts.

Goodyear Eagle GO tires are made without the use of petroleum-based materials.

This concept car will be presented at the Paris Motor Show, which takes place in October.

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