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Citroën partners with Caselani and transforms classic Berlingo into a modern 2CV van

THE Citroen announced on Friday that it has partnered with Italian bodybuilder Caselani to transform the Berlingo into a tribute to the legendary 1950s classic, the 2CV Fourgonette.

From creation, a van with retro body was born, which will start to be ordered from October 1st and produced in January 2023.

“We are extremely proud that our bestseller Berlingo has been revisited by Caselani, taking inspiration from the iconic 2CV Fourgonnette, which has left its mark on both the history of Citroën and the automotive sector in general,” said Pierre Leclercq, Director of Style for Citroën.

“Design work started in the bodybuilder's studios. So we worked together, hand in hand,” Pierre continued.

O Citroen Berlingo 2CV Fourgonnette

Practically all the body panels were replaced and the entire assembly dedicated to this model was made of fiberglass.

The front section is a great nod to the 2CV, all thanks to massive, rounded fenders, a distinctive hood, wide grille and round headlights.

The profile did not remain original either, as the linings of the doors and trunks were altered to reach even further into the past.

There are also a number of novelties at the rear, among them are light fixtures and hinged doors with small vertical windows.

“It was an exciting challenge as the original van had completely different proportions. It had a very short front overhang, a nice long hood and a visually independent load compartment that differed significantly from the Berlingo,” said David Obendorfer, designer at Caselani.

This time-traveling Citroën Berlingo 2C Fourgonnette is available with the 100 kW electric motor, or 136 hp, and its range is 275 km.

Remember that the original vehicle of inspiration was presented in 1951. Its numerous modifications and configurations allowed it to survive in production until 1987.

During this period, 1.25 million buyers of this model were found.

It is also worth remembering that the Citroën Berlingo 2CV Fourgonnette joins other retro-style models in the French brand's line of vehicles.

In 2017, the Jumper was transformed into the Type H, and in 2020, the company offered the Type HG based on the Spacetourer.

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