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Classic Dodge Charger not running since 1976 and begging for restoration is for sale

THE dodge built over 89,000 for the Charger model in 1969 and since then, the car has become a classic and today is one of the most desirable choices in the restoration business.

The 1969 Charger that eBay seller 406geno announced earlier this week has been off the road since 1976, so it obviously comes with the expected amount of rust.

The Dodge Charger model that is looking for a new owner


The photos speak for themselves, and we recommend that you check them carefully as they help to perfectly determine the condition of the car.

For example, you can check from the pictures, the transmission, the original rear end, the side mirror, the rear seat, the headlight buckets and the concealment mechanism and so on.

That is, it is a model that comes with the essential package that paves the way for restoration.

The paintwork you see on the car is still the original red that was there when it came off the assembly lines, but the white vinyl top looks very damaged and that's a downside.

The seller is not willing to sell this classic vehicle for less than $$ 12,500, and given the difficulty of restoring it, it's no surprise that many potential buyers are backing out of the purchase.

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