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Clark Gable's classic 1952 Jaguar XK120 sells at auction for $ 311,111

Hollywood actor Clark Gable was a huge fan of the Jaguar XK120 and owned more than one model.

And this sleek gold roadster put on a show at a Bring a Trailer auction and fetched a paltry $ 311,111.

Clark Gable's passion for the Jaguar XK120

Clark Gable really loved the Jaguar XK120 and insisted that he would be the one to get the first XK120 to hit the West Coast.

He also stated that he wanted the car “like a child wants candy”, so much so that he ended up buying not just one, but four examples of the model, and one of them was put up for auction on November 17th.

The beautiful roadster, finished in Barris Gold with a red leather interior, is a 1952 model with chassis number 672623.

In 2010, it was found in a warehouse and refurbished, being sold in 2020, for $ 276,000.

Two years later, the model was again sold above that price, putting on quite a show.

The vehicle needed just one hour to reach $ 100,000 in a single throw. Until the last half hour, the beautiful roadster had $ 130,000 in five throws.

The real battle seemed to start in the last five minutes, moving from $ 136k to $ 311,111, which was the final bid after an intense 73-move battle.

By the end, the listing had gathered 30,658 views, with 2,250 watchers.
With nearly 200 comments before the fierce bidding began, the seller, RP Exotics, also confirmed that this golden roadster did, in fact, belong to Clark Gable.

The seller added that the car was authenticated by Barris Customs and advertised as such by Hyman LTD.

The vehicle was also present at the 2017 Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance, the 2019 Greenwich Concours, as well as the 2019 and 2020 Amelia Island Concours.

Addressing commentators' concern about its authenticity, the seller added: "To think that after all of the above has been checked and approved this car, the BAT commentators are going to catch it as a fraud, seems a bit silly."

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