Thursday, March 23, 2023
StartcarsClassic Sports Cars: Lincoln Zephyr V12

Classic Sports Cars: Lincoln Zephyr V12

cars sports classics, in good working order, would be good enough for most car enthusiasts, but this highly customized model is out of this world.

Rebuilt from the ground up using a 1939 Lincoln Zephyr as the cornerstone, it now features a longer, wider and lower stance, and despite sporting an entirely new look and feel, it's still instantly recognizable as a Zephyr.

Inside, it retains the original dashboard, steering wheel and seats, albeit with a modern twist brought about by bits of gloss black and two-tone leather upholstery that covers virtually every surface of the seats, doors and more.

We're not sure what lurks under that long hood, but since it's capable of spitting flames from the twin tailpipes, as revealed in one of the images, we're guessing it's a 4.4L engine, V12 that humbly produces 110 horses.

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Classic sports cars like this deserve it

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