Discover Keanu Reeves' motorcycle collection


It might not be huge, but Keanu Reeves' motorcycle collection shows he's passionate about motorcycles...

You probably already know that actor Keanu Reeves isn't just a badass, he loves motorcycles a lot. The man is a co-founder of ARCH Motorcycle, an American custom-built motorcycle company with a unique blend of performance and meticulous attention to detail. He reportedly walks frequently and has a fine collection of motorcycles.

But first let's get to a fun fact: Reeves couldn't ride a motorcycle. He didn't learn until he was shooting a movie in Munich in the late '80s. A woman had an enduro bike and the actor asked if she would teach him to ride, which she did. When Reeves returned to Los Angeles he bought his first motorcycle and, as they say, the rest is history.

Reeves has even said that he goes through withdrawal when he doesn't walk regularly. The man is clearly addicted and there is only one cure.

BMW R75/6 1974

While it's not the fastest bike out there, even for its time, it can't be denied that a BMW R75/6 is still engaging enough to make any stretch of road a little more fun. It also offers a fair amount of comfort, something that seems to be a common theme on the actor's bikes.

Norton Commando 850 MK2A 1973

Reeves said this was the second motorcycle he bought, probably in 1987, so obviously he wasted no time in growing his collection. He commented in an interview with GQ that he "had a lot of fun with this motorcycle". The man was fascinated by Nortons from a young age, thanks to their unique design and personality.

Kawashi KZ 900

Another reasonable, relaxed ride, this Kawasaki lines up with the other motorcycles Reeves has selected. It has a cool, classic look and is fun enough, but it's not crazy at all.

Ducati 998 Matrix Reloaded Edition 2004

Now, this is another type of motorcycle from the Reeves collection. Just as the name suggests, this is the motorcycle that Trinity used in the Matrix sequel. You might remember her during a chaotic chase scene. She has a special “Matrix Green” paint job, as well as Matrix Reloaded graphics. It's obvious that this bike is more like a liability for the man, although he admits it's quite the machine.

El Diablo West Coast Chopper

With a starting price in the six-figure range, this is a motorcycle only the rich can own. The wild appearance sets it apart from anything else on the road. As Reeves admitted he was fascinated by the motorcycle gangs that gathered in the Toronto area when he was a kid, referring to them as "pirates" of the road.

Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R

This is Reeves' favorite when he hits the track, something he enjoys doing with his partner and the staff at ARCH Motorcycle. He says being on the track is better, as there's no worrying about traffic or speed limits, which would definitely be an issue with a Ninja ZX-10R.

ARCH KRGT-1 2019

According to Reeves, he owned a Harley-Davidson Dyna Wide Glide, which he said was "an amazing motorcycle". However, he wanted to customize the tour. It was around this time that he met Gard Hollinger, who built a custom motorcycle for the actor. It was then that the two began working to form ARCH Motorcycle, using Reeve's personal ride as the prototype of the high-performance cruiser. The company manufactures many of the parts itself, including customizing the seats for the owner, and then purchases other components around the world.

ARCH IS 2019

Like the KRGT-1, this is a high-performance motorcycle, Reeves says it looks more like a “sports” model. The handling, riding position and overall feel are all very different, catering to anyone who wants to be even more involved on the road or track.

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