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Bruce Springsteen's 1971 Olds 442 W30 Mega Auto Convertible Rare Goes For Sale

Few car collections spark the excitement and passion of the Olds 442, oldsmobile's greatest contribution to the first renaissance of the muscle car.

But only a small portion of the much-lauded 1971 production model boasted a convertible top.

It's safe to say that any surviving example of the model is worth a lot of money these days.

But that's the setup this 1971 Olds 442 W30 V8 has had since it left the factory.

The Olds 442 W30 convertible

This 442 Convertible is just one of 78 models built with an automatic transmission in 1971, and today we can say it has as much appeal as the Chaly Dodge Convertible.

The classic model is for sale through a Classic Autotrader private seller of Whitesboro, downtown New York.

The turning point of muscle car models

True, 1971 was both a turning point for the muscle car and the height of its brilliance. Beginning in 1971, new federal regulations began to prepare the American auto industry to adopt catalytic converters as a means of limiting its greenhouse gas emissions.

But 360 horsepower coming out of a 455-cubic-inch (7.45-liter) Oldsmobile W30 V8 was still nothing to sneeze at.

A recent reinterpretation of a Sienna Brown body color for this stunning Viking Blue, with white exterior trim pieces, transforms the model into a hypnotic vehicle, wherever you go.

Loaded along with a turbo 400 automatic transmission and the original aluminum intake manifold are just a few indicators of just how special this muscle car survivor is.

Oh, and the convertible top is foldable, making it the most complete classic, laid-back convertible touring car to have rolled out of the United States for 50 years.

The price of the classic model is $ 136,500, not including taxes and fees.

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