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Copy of the Ford Thunderbird used in the 007 film franchise is offered for sale

In 2002, the twentieth film in the franchise about the adventures of James Bond, "007 - A New Day to Die (Die Another Day)", was released in celebration of the 40th anniversary of the first Bond film.

In the feature, the role of a special agent of British Intelligence was played by Pierce Brosnan, for the fourth and final time.

Product placement allowed Ford to promote the Aston Martin and Jaguar brands, whose cars were used by James Bond and his main enemy, and Halle Berry's heroine drove a Ford car.

She wore a convertible Thunderbird and a similar copy is for sale.

The Ford Thunderbird used in 007

Ford released a limited version of the Thunderbird 007 Edition, which meant as much equipment as possible for the model, but at the same time an absolutely standard technical part.

The rear-wheel drive convertible was equipped with a 3.9-liter 280-horsepower V8 with a 5-speed automatic transmission.

The 007 Edition featured 17-inch, 21-spoke chrome wheels and Coral bodywork, an homage to the Sunset Coral hue of the original 1956 Ford Thunderbird.

The interior is decorated in a combination of black and white leather, and a silver decorative panel bears the recognizable special agent logo with the number “007”.
Complete with the car, the buyer received a white hardtop, complementing the standard soft top.

In total, 700 copies of the Ford Thunderbird 007 Edition were made, one of which, with a mileage of only about 9.5 thousand kilometers, is already on sale on the RK Motors website.

The owner only wants $ 35,000 for his car, and this is perhaps the most affordable option for buying a limited edition car with history.

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