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Curious history of the abandoned old stork truck

Over time, images of abandoned vehicles appear, and curiosity soon comes to know what were the reasons that led them to this destination. But in some cases, like the one you'll meet now, that are even more intriguing.

This is because it is not at all common to see the abandonment of an old stork truck from Chevrolet, year 1950, with a trailer loaded with four 1956 Chevrolet cars.

The story is not yet fully explained, considering the existing information. When we see the images, the first impression we have is that it is a load of vehicles that left the factory and never arrived at the dealership.

But, apparently, this truck antique stork was assembled over time by a collector. He probably already owned the truck and was putting the cars (three models with four doors and one with two doors) on the trailer.

These sets of vehicles remained for a long time parked in the open air, in a forested region, serving as an unbelievable ornamental monument.

According to recent information, the truck and vehicles ended up being acquired by the Keystone Antique Truck and Tractor Museum, in Virginia, in the United States. The purchase took place recently and now it remains to be seen how they will be displayed.

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