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D-Fly Dragonfly: Meet the impressive four-wheel carbon electric scooter that has a range of 50 miles

D-Fly, a British start-up that aims to make a name for itself in the scooter sector, has unveiled the Dragonfly, a safe electric scooter with a spec sheet that looks like it came straight out of a high-end vehicle.

This e-scooter was developed by an award-winning team of British and American engineers and features full tilt steering, 4-wheel independent damped suspension and a modern design.

“The urban mobility industry is flourishing, and we realized the need for a more advanced, high-quality product that would usher in a new era of electric mobility. With Dragonfly, we are confident that we have created something truly special that will change the way people move around cities and not just today, but forever,” said Jez Williman, Founder and CEO of D-Fly Group.

D-Fly Dragonfly Specifications

The model features fully independent dual suspension on all four corners, a unique carbon fiber platform and 10-inch slick tires.

For ride comfort, this electric scooter features fully adjustable hydraulic suspension and full axle articulation.

The D-Fly Dragonfly is also equipped with automotive grade headlights, horn, digital trip computer and voice navigation.

To boost the model's security, the start-up reinforced the scooter with an efficient alarm, GPS tracker and a smart locker that disables the electric drive until a PIN is entered.

In addition to these specifications, the electric scooter features a variation on four-wheel steering, with the 3-Dimensional Full-Tilt steering system engaging all four wheels at the same time.

According to the D-Fly, you can adjust the direction and amount of lean to suit your riding style.

Thanks to its design and features, the D-Fly Dragonfly synchronizes with the rider's movements and improves handling at any speed.

Its two 550 W motors can drive a maximum power of up to 1,650 W to all wheels, allowing speeds of up to 40 km/h on various surfaces.

The spec list also includes a 3.5-inch digital display that shows speed, range, speed mode, light status and battery performance, 10-inch natural rubber pneumatic tires and a range of 80 km.

It is estimated that the Dragonfly is capable of traveling 50 miles on one charge. The battery can be recharged via a 48V input, which results in a full charge in 3 hours. 

This electric scooter will be offered in two versions, the urban DF and the DFX, aimed at off-road lovers.

The DF version is priced at around US$ 1,868 and its adventure-ready sibling retails for US$ 2,241.

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