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StartcarsDid you know that Lamborghini produces honey that only employees can enjoy?

Did you know that Lamborghini produces honey that only employees can enjoy?

Lamborghini is certainly best known for its unique supersports cars, and luckily, under the supervision of engineers and test drivers, new models with the famous bull emblem are in development.

Like many other automakers, Lamborghini has side businesses, including a leasing company, workshops, an event center and even a honey production company, whose jars are not for sale.

Lamborghini's Surprising Honey Production

In a press release announcing the company's sustainability activities, the Italian manufacturer said that in 2016 it set up an apiary with approximately 600,000 bees in its Lamborghini park.

Since then, the automaker has produced around 430 kg of honey a year, which are given as gifts to employees at Christmas.

Interestingly, Lamborghini is not the only honey producer among car manufacturers. Porsche has an even larger apiary, with approximately 1.5 million bees.

In the first year of production of the honey called Turbienchen, Porsche produced 400 kilos of honey, which sold out in a few days at the factory store.

The apiary was then expanded to around 3 million bees, so Porsche now produces around 1,000 kilograms of honey a year.

Bentley, which also belongs to the Volkswagen group, also produces this natural food in the UK.

Rolls-Royce is another manufacturer that has honey production and has around 300,000 English bees.

Last year, the company asked employees to volunteer as beekeepers at its headquarters in Goodwood, Sussex.

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