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StartNewsDongfeng Warrior MS20: Meet the gigantic Hummer follower SUV

Dongfeng Warrior MS20: Meet the gigantic Hummer follower SUV

The Chinese company Dongfeng produces licensed copies of the American tactical SUV HMMWV (aka Hummer).

Deliveries to the PRC army began in 2006, and gradually the company switched to local components and assembly, simultaneously modernizing its Hummer and expanding the range.

In 2021, the Dongfeng Warrior M50 all-terrain vehicle even entered the civilian market, although emergency services, police and other government organizations still became the main buyers.

Now, another step has been taken towards private buyers: the second generation of the Warrior family is presented.

The Dongfeng Warrior MS20

Treat yourself to the Dongfeng Warrior MS20 passenger SUV. This is a very large car: length 5970 mm, width 2160 mm, height 2155 mm, and the wheelbase is as much as 3700 mm.

Next to this giant, even a Chevrolet Suburban 5.7 m long and 1.9 m high will look undersized, and the side mirrors are comparable in size to the TV. The Warrior MS20 has three rows of seats and a huge trunk.

At the same time, the commercial versions called Dongfeng Warrior MS600 were presented, which are single-row or double-row cab chassis, designed for the installation of various superstructures: for example, an accommodation module or a fire-fighting installation.

The wheelbase is the same at 3700 mm, and for machines with a single-row cab, the rear overhang is reduced, so the total length is 5850 mm.

The new generation chassis with the MS-1 index is a further evolution of the Hummer. The double-wishbone independent spring suspension concept has been retained, and the fuel tank and all transmission elements, including cross-axle differentials and driveshafts, are also located above the chassis cross members.

The main change from the Hummer is the widely spaced powerful spars: the cabin is now much higher than that of the original American all-terrain vehicle, but inside there is a “lightweight” space and a compact central tunnel.

The claimed ground clearance is an incredible 340 mm! Against this background, the ford depth of 850 mm looks modest.

The approach angle is 33 degrees, the departure angle is 36 degrees for the short version and 32 degrees for the long version, with permanent four-wheel drive, gearbox, central differential lock and final controls.

The new Warrior is not an electric car or even a hybrid. Under the hood is a six-cylinder Cummins turbodiesel made in China.

A 6.7 liter inline engine produces 314 hp. and 1050 Nm, and paired with it is a six-speed “automatic”.

The maximum speed of the all-terrain vehicle is 140 km / h and the permissible gross weight is 5900 kg.

Commercial versions have relatively simple equipment, although they have ESP, virtual instruments and a media system (12.8 inches), and the first row of seats is designed for three pilots.

Dongfeng Warrior MS20 can have leather interior, power and ventilation of the first and second row seats, adaptive cruise control, night vision system and many other options.

The price of the passenger version has not yet been disclosed, the Warrior will hit the market in April.

But commercial options are now available to order for at least $71,000 and for a chassis with a two-row cabin and a full range of options, the price is $93,000.

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