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App driver receives payment in fake chocolate coins

The conductor said that he only realized that the coins were chocolate when he went to organize the money in the compartment where he keeps the coins.

An app driver from Maracanaú, in the Metropolitan Region of Fortaleza, made a run last Friday (21) and received four R$ 1 chocolate coins as payment, thinking they were real coins.

According to the driver, a woman requested a ride and put the cash payment option. According to the driver, the journey was short, and the ride cost R$ 6. When leaving the passenger at the destination, the woman told the driver that she was going to leave the money on top of the back seat. After warning, the woman got out of the vehicle, and the driver left the scene.

According to him, when he took the coins and put them in the compartment where he usually puts the money, he realized that the passenger had given him an R$ 2 bill and four chocolate coins. The driver himself shared the story to colleagues in a WhatsApp group. “The woman paid the fare of R$ 6 and gave me a note of R$ 2 and four coins of R$1, but the chocolate ones. I just realized it now, friend”, said, frustrated, the app driver.

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