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Driver with amputated arm is fined for driving with arm out of car

A driver was fined in Vitória, Espírito Santo, for driving the vehicle with one of the arms out to the side. The man, a 72-year-old trader, sought a lawyer and appealed the punishment. He is amputated and does not have his left arm.

The driver told TV Globo that he received the fine while driving the car into the garage of the restaurant he owns, on Rua Graciano Neves, on December 15, 2021. And he guarantees that he was the one driving the vehicle when he was fined. by the Military Police.

O car of the merchant is adapted, semi-automatic, and his CNH (National Driver's License) contains the notice that he has the limitation. This did not, however, prevent the fine from arriving at his house.

Image: Reproduction/TV Globo.

In the “observations” field of the document, the reason for imposing the fine is clear: “The aforementioned driver was driving the vehicle with one of his arms to the outside”. “You could have given me another fine for other things, I wouldn't even have recourse. But this one? I have already appealed. You have to have greater respect for merchants and users,” the man told the news team.

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