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Hand-customized Ducati Supersport 1000DS looks monstrous

When analyzing the incredible quality of the work of Simone Conti, you might be inclined to think that motorcycle customization is your full-time pursuit. However, that presumption couldn't be further from the truth, as Simone is actually employed in her family-run local ceramic filter business.

At best, he only has a few hours a day to tinker with two-wheeled machines, but that won't stop him from creating truly amazing bikes. For an outstanding example, we are pleased to present what we consider to be the Italian craftsman's finest masterpiece - a Ducati Supersport 1000DS of 2003 heavily modified and gone absolutely wild.

With her vision sketched out on paper, Simone Conti wasted no time in getting rid of her original components. Using nothing but hammers and an English wheel, he began manufacturing a complete aluminum fairing from scratch. At twelve o'clock we find a custom-made fender and an angled half fairing that vaguely resembles the front end of a Ducati Panigale.

Moving to the center, you'll see a groovy fuel tank topped with a repurposed filler cap from a 1098, while the southernmost section sports a bespoke truss subframe and menacing tail unit. Both ends of the bike feature LED lighting, and the swingarm has been completely revised to accept the installation of a wider rear tire.

The Duc's factory wheels have been retained, but are now equipped with premium braking hardware from the Brembo range. At twelve o'clock, Simone installed unique triple clamps and inverted forks from a 998, along with Rizoma grips, bar end mirrors and CNC machined fluid reservoirs in the cockpit.

As far as powertrain adjustments go, this bonkers 1000DS has received a ECU spare parts, a top shelf slipper clutch, and stainless steel exhaust plumbing, which ends in a square aluminum muffler. Engine displacement has been increased to a very healthy 1,100cc, and its OEM covers have been replaced with much lighter carbon fiber replacements.

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