Saturday, March 25, 2023
StartNewsEntrepreneur Paulista collects rare trucks in warehouse

Entrepreneur Paulista collects rare trucks in warehouse

This is one of the stories of a São Paulo businessman who collects rare trucks in a warehouse, he opened the doors of his warehouse on condition of anonymity. At precisely 64 years old, he accumulates a collection of more than 30 trucks.

To store the trucks, he built a 3,000 m² shed. The shed is impressive and accumulates dozens of vehicles positioned millimetrically next to each other.

The businessman's favorite is in the spotlight: a Peterbilt V8, famous for being one of the most powerful trucks in the US. There are only two models in this configuration, with an original Caterpillar V8 engine with 600 hp.

“Found this Peterbilt hitched to a bullock cart in the US. I had no doubt: I bought it and brought it to Brazil”, says the businessman.

During the visit, the collector revealed to the website Four wheels which has a total of more than 50 trucks. According to him, at least 20 are in the process of being restored or stored in his garage.

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