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StartcarsFellten Motors: Meet the company that transforms classic cars into electric vehicles

Fellten Motors: Meet the company that transforms classic cars into electric vehicles

Brands advance in terms of electric mobility and present electrified versions of their models in the catalogue.

But older cars are still anchored in the past, with combustion engines and about to fall into oblivion due to restrictions on polluting emissions.

But that too has a solution, because more and more companies are focusing on converting combustion cars into electric cars.

The company that turns classic cars into electric vehicles


Fellten Motors is one such company that converts classic cars into electric ones. This company's offer is limited for now to three conversion kits dedicated to as many models.

Few but very popular are sure to be accepted as these kits are designed to provide electric drivetrain for cars like Porsche 911, classic MINI and Land Rover.

Unlike other similar companies, the company doesn't just remove the combustion engine and replace it with an electric motor and battery.

In this case, the entire interior is redesigned, while maintaining all of the car's original appearance.

The kit can be fitted to each vehicle, but if not fitted correctly, modifications are made to the company-manufactured parts and not the car.

It is desired that the vehicle resulting from the transformation be the closest to the initial model, both in power, drivability and driving dynamics.

The process is complete when the conversion is complete, putting the vehicle through various tests to verify that everything works correctly and as expected.

In addition, the tuner equips its modified vehicles with modern and up-to-date elements, such as energy recovery systems.

The company operates in the UK, although it also has branches in Australia and is now making its way to the US.

This UK origin can be seen in two of the kits manufactured by the company.

In any case, there will soon be more kits for other classic models that will benefit from this transformation that will take them into the 21st century.

In this way, those interested will be able to continue enjoying their classic models without worrying about the polluting emissions of those engines of the past.

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