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Fiat 600 and Multipla return in Citroen style in Mashup CGI illustration

Stellantis is diligently future-proofing the dwindling Fiat brand, both in North America and internationally. So the virtual automotive realm is not standing still either.

The brand has big plans for its American unit, and they include the reintroduction of the Fiat 500e among the promised more than 25 new EVs by 2030.

Fiat, meanwhile, has been expanding with the latest New Abarth 500e electric sports car, among many other projects.

And the rumor seems to have caught up with some of the latter, which include the potential reinvention of the iconic Fiat 600 nameplate and the rebirth of the Multipla.

Don't worry, the latter will no longer be an MPV fighting for the title of the ugliest car in the automotive world with the Pontiac Aztek.

Instead, both the Fiat 600 and the Multipla will be reborn to join the SUV crossover party.

Naturally, this sounds like a good deal for pixel masters.

Revival rendering of Fiat 600 and Multipla


So here's Kleber Silva, the Brazilian virtual artist known as KDesign AG on social media, who quickly decided to do some CGI to imagine the rebirths of the Fiat 600 and Multipla.

First comes the design proposal for the future subcompact SUV that will also act as a replacement for the current Fiat 500X.

The CGI expert used the European version of the quirky Citröen C3 AirCross and then added the virtual DNA of the 500 Trekking and especially the 500e to create a beautiful 600 crossover SUV.

There's also the digital reinvention of the Multipla nameplate into a larger SUV that might redeem the name and give it new life.

This time, it was the unsuspecting Citröen C5 AirCross that was used as the digital base of operations.

And, on this occasion, the CGI mashup even added visual cues from the Fiat E-Doblo, the Fastback Coupe-SUV from Brazil or the Citroen C4 Cactus and C5 AirCross.


See this photo on Instagram


A post shared by KDesign AG – (@kdesignag)


See this photo on Instagram


A post shared by KDesign AG – (@kdesignag)

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