Fiat Palio Weekend Electric goes up for auction


This rare 2007/2008 Palio Weekend Electric model was used exclusively in industries and was never offered in series. The engine has 20 hp.

In recent years, the development of electric vehicles has intensified around the world and the path to electromobility has begun to be promoted, but there are some models that we may never have imagined seeing them with ecologically correct mechanics, but they still existed.

This is the case of an electric Fiat Palio Weekend, model 2007/2008, a vehicle developed in partnership between the Italian brand, the energy company Itaipu Binacional and the Swiss hydroelectric plant KWO. The particularity of its development, since it has an electric mechanism of 20 hp and 5.1 kgm of torque.

As disclosed by Quatro Rodas, the project started in 2006 and, although the final Palio Weekend was not sold in series, several units were purchased and used by different energy companies, such as Enel do Rio de Janeiro.

For those who want to bid on this model, the auction site Superbid is now offering it for R$12,000. Of course, you have to keep in mind that the car has been standing still for a long time. The paintwork, upholstery and bodywork are in good condition. Also, the tires are in bad condition.

Keep in mind that the benefits aren't the best either, from the point of view of acceleration and top speed. Reaches the limit of 100 km. The battery is sodium-nickel-chlorine and generates a range of 120 km.

Finally, another of the peculiarities of this Electric Palio Weekend are the instruments, since it only has a speedometer, added to the information from the central computer.

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