Sunday, September 24, 2023
StartcarsFirst electric Ferrari will be a reality in 2026-Learn more!

First electric Ferrari will be a reality in 2026-Learn more!

Gradually and with sure steps, the most representative automobile brands in history succumbed to different technological processes.

Today, the electric age is a reality and the recently launched luxury supercars point to this strong trend and soon the electric Ferrari will materialize.

The first electric Ferrari

The electric Ferrari will take three years to step on the best roads in the world for the first time, and it deserves no less, especially for its new mechanics.

Without a doubt, this is a big step, but it must be said that the Maranello house will not abandon its representative and powerful combustion engines.

Somehow, Ferrari already had some approaches to sustainable mobility, exactly in 2013, with the LaFerrari, its first hybrid.

From then on, the SF90 Stradale, the SF90 Spider and the 296 GTB also benefited from hybrid mechanics, as a prelude to their electric future.

Apparently, the electric Ferrari has been produced for approximately three years, as in 2020 there was already talk of the first patent. In 2021 the company already revealed that it planned to manufacture a 100% EV model, so today it is no longer a possibility, but a fact.

The expected model will set a precedent, as with it the company's offer will consist of 40% of combustion cars only. The remaining percentage will be made up of 55% hybrid sports cars and another 5% with electric ones, we will see the first fully electric model in 2026.

The electric Ferrari still doesn't have a proper name, so its official numbers for propulsion, power and batteries are also unknown.

It is worth saying that expectations with the electric “Cavallino” are high, in design, mechanics and iconic roar, that somehow it would remain in force.

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