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2022 Ford Bronco Raptor gets rear steering and headlight covers from the '90s

In the course of his newfound 3D exploration, this intrepid pixel master has created many unique projects to expand his skills. A 1988 Chevy Camaro got a full carbon fiber body. So the modern Dodge Charger turned from sedan to Ute pickup and a C3 Chevy Corvette turned into a Speedster to fulfill a personal obsession.

Credits: wb.artist20/Instagram

However, among all these “cars”, he also had time to play with a cool SUV based on pickup. Naturally, just like most of America, it also caught the 2022 Ford Bronco Raptor fever and initially played softly with a possible aftermarket idea for smooth-looking fenders to make off-roading a little chubby.

Now, he's returned to the idea of an aftermarket project based on the Bronco Raptor, but he's gone all out. And we're not just talking about the all-black paint job, but also the full body kit that changes most of the side profile looks. On top of that, he also punched in GM's "Crab Walk," giving the Bronco Raptor's minimalist mid-rear wheel steering (something Ford will also have on the F-150 trucks).

Oh, and let's not forget this second attempt at " some aftermarket accessories” comes with both modern and ancient ideas, as “ the headlight covers remind me of 90's Fords, but they also look petty in my opinion. “Well, we tend to agree. But only if this hypothetical build is digitally packaged with a Corvette V8 engine.

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