Thursday, March 23, 2023
StartNewsFord F-11000 walled off for 34 years sees the light of day

Ford F-11000 walled off for 34 years sees the light of day

The Ford F-11000 truck walled in for 34 years was found by Reginaldo de Campinas. The truck was washed, had the wheels painted (the tires didn't dry out, amazing), front turn signals fitted and it was completely new. 

The owner Seu Orlando, resident of the interior of São Paulo, bought this Ford F-11000 truck in 1988 and walled it up in a garage. According to him, it was a great investment in times of high inflation.

From there he never left. Until a few days ago, when the Reginaldo de Campinas discovered the rarity. He was washed and came back to life..

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