Rendering of the Ford Falcon XB would make Mopar and Mad Max fans extremely happy


Ford may have loved the birds of prey so much that its office bosses allowed the use of the Falcon nameplate for various global models over the years.

The Ford Falcon for North America was a compact class model line manufactured by the Detroit automaker during the 1960s through 1970s model years.

Preceded only by the Rambler American, this was the first compact car introduced in the United States by any of the Big Three manufacturers, designed as a smaller Ford Galaxie.

Oh, and there was also a Falcon van part of the first generation E-series in the 1960s, by the way.

Staying in the Americas region, the 1962-1991 Ford Falcon was a compact car produced in Ute four-door, two-door, and five-door station wagon body styles, created by Ford Argentina.

The manufacturer famously developed a cult following, as the rugged models were popular not only with yellow taxi companies or white and blue police forces, but also with paramilitaries and secret military police.

Moving into the land Down Under, the Australian version of the Ford Falcon was a full-size car that was produced from 1960 to 2016 over the course of no fewer than seven generations.

Initially heavily influenced by the America Falcon, the Australian series took to the road from 1972 onwards.

That's also when the third generation was introduced, complete with the XA, XB and XC designations, naturally there's one that is foremost among them.

And that would be the XB Falcon that became known worldwide thanks to George Miller's dystopian future in which "Mad" Max Rockatansky (Mel Gibson) lived and used a custom Pursuit Special Falcon XB matte and gloss black, also known as the "Last of the Interceptors V8”.

This isn't technically correct, as all Interceptors were four-door sedans and none were XB hardtops like Max's.

Either way, that doesn't make it any more legendary, both in the real world and in the dream realm of virtual automotive artists.

The rendering of Ford Falcon XB GT

There, we meet Timothy Adry Emmanuel, the digital car content creator better known as adry53customs  on social media, who is sharing a second look at another of his CGI projects for HotCars, a Ford Falcon XB GT blown out.

While the initial POV featured the virtual project in motion, the quality of these Instagram videos, the footage embedded just below, never quite lives up to our contemporary expectations.

Fortunately, the same cannot be said for the stills, which this time easily capture the essence of this project fit to make Plum Crazy Mopar aficionados and Mad Max Fans more than happy.

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