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StartcarsFord GT40 MHC 020 is ''The dream car", digital design

Ford GT40 MHC 020 is ”The dream car”, digital project

As virtual automotive artists need to carefully fan the flames of imagination without any obstacles, some might assume they are the “lone wolf” type. But that's not necessarily the case when CGI partnerships are at stake, especially among friends.

Let's look at Ash Thorp, the virtual artist better known as ashthorp on social networks, and Carlos Pecino, the pixel master colorsponge, for example. They are veterans of the automotive CGI industry, with Thorp recently working to create the designs for the latest Batman movie - both the Batmobile and Batcycle! But they are also friends who started a lasting collaboration in early 2021.

The result was dubbed Make Haste Corp. (also known as MHC), and digital construction projects began to be produced in a hurry. They are currently celebrating a trio of new additions to the herd. The first is the new online portal, followed by Carlos' MHC 019, aka “The Redrum”, and Ash's MHC 020, “The Dream”.

Both are of the vintage variety, but while Pecino's crazy, abandoned muscle car project revolves around a completely redesigned Chevy Nova that's imaginatively equipped with an all-new, wider front end and a twin-cylinder LS3 V8 engine. turbo, Thorp's vision revolves around a classic supercar, the Ford GT40 Mk1. This is your " dream car of all time ”, a vehicle that “ continues to inspire and motivate him not just as an artist/designer but as a person over the years. 

As with his fellow CGI expert, the ultimate dream – pun intended – is to one day manifest this virtual creation in the real world. As such, these realistic renderings are completely grounded in the realm of possibility, with the biggest challenge being determining"how to add enough innovation without abandoning the original brilliance .”

Well, take a look at the gallery and see if you agree with the author's assessment of that we are dealing with a best personal CGI achievement to date ”.


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