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StartcarsFord Tourneo steering wheel transforms into a work desk-Watch the video!

Ford Tourneo steering wheel transforms into a work desk-Watch the video!

Ford managed to create a system that transforms the steering wheel of the Ford Tourneo into a perfect shelf or table to sign or write documents, place a laptop or even have a snack if you so wish.

And yes, it is the same Tourneo that we met a few days ago and that was designed as an electric car for camping.

The Tourneo's folding steering wheel was revealed in a largely unseen video in which Ford demonstrates how the system works.

The amazing combination of steering wheel and work table 

Of course, this concept isn't new, but it's not like what's present in a cargo truck, where the steering wheel is large and can be tilted for use as a desk.

What Ford does is fold the Tourneo's steering wheel itself, leaving it perfectly straight as a table. A cover designed to fill the space on the steering wheel completes the conversion of this ingenious system.

Reminds the floating steering wheel of the original Citroën C4, only with rear hinges and arms.

If you look closely you will see that this table has an oval shape, almost like a square with rounded edges.

Ford has certainly not reinvented the steering wheel because it is not the first in history with this shape, but it does present a simple way to turn it into something practical.

This amazing function is especially useful if you need to sign documents regularly or use a notebook.

Another ingenious detail of this square steering wheel, as Ford calls it, is that it seamlessly integrates the transmission.

That is, more legroom for front passengers. The passenger airbag is located in the roof, so the glove compartment is deeper and allows a laptop to fit in it.

It's unclear if Ford plans to apply this system to other vehicles, but it would be a pretty genius idea, wouldn't it?

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