Fordzilla P1 – Ford's racing simulator looks like a sports car

The Team Fordzilla P1 has had a few updates since it debuted last year.


Last year, Ford invited video game players from its Team Fordzilla eSports team to design a virtual race car. After nearly 250,000 players vote for the design, the result was the Team Fordzilla P1, a stunning virtual racing car that looks like a futuristic version of Ford GT.

to Ford brought the P1 to life as a real model before turning it into the ultimate racing simulator for simulation racers. Now, the Team Fordzilla P1 has been updated with new streaming features that are being demonstrated at the Gamergy 21 event in Madrid, Spain, where it was shown off with a new gaming-inspired black livery.

Designed for racing streamers, the updated Team Fordzilla P1 incorporates three high-resolution 4K cameras that focus on the pedals, a new steering wheel and a huge screen. The P1 is powered by an HP Z4 and players control their virtual race car with integrated steering wheel and pedals.

For greater immersion, gamers can also use an HP Reverb G2 VR headset. When the simulator is not in use, the enhanced lighting on the front and back mimics the breathing of a sleeping person. When in use, these same taillights sync with player braking to connect spectators.

A built-in audio system also creates a visceral experience for the player. The updated Team Fordzilla P1 streaming platform is being showcased by Ford Europe Design Director Amko Leenarts and HP Spain CTO Melchor Sanz at the Gamergy sports games and events festival in Madrid, Spain this month, enabling visitors to experience Ford's sophisticated new racing simulator.

“The P1 racer is an amazing design project and as a racing simulator it is a fantastic experience for the player. This latest development with HP means we can convey that emotion to more people and help them see the future possibilities of simulated racing,” said Emmanuel Lubrani, senior manager of brand communications, Ford of Europe.

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