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StartcarsFrench electrician turns car into motorcycle to escape the desert

French electrician turns car into motorcycle to escape the desert

French electrician transforms car into motorcycle to escape the desert.

When Frenchman Emile Leray was stranded in a Moroccan desert with a badly damaged car, his ordeal was one that would have left most men helpless and desperate.

But after the Citroën car stopped, the enterprising electrician didn't give up to find his way back to civilization.

His incredible escape from the barren terrain and dismantling his Citreon and transforming it into a makeshift motorcycle, in a dramatic escape that made him the most “extreme” mechanic in the world.

His engineering background saw him convert the car's rear bumper into a rudimentary seat, shorten the chassis, and put the engine and gearbox in the middle to create a vehicle that would somehow continue on its journey.

However, along the way, he was stopped at a military post and told he could go no further.

Faced with prospects of returning to Tan Tan, Emile decided instead to head off the road to navigate the restricted area.

Unfortunately, the rocky, rough terrain soon caused problems and he lost control of his car before hitting a rock.

In the end, he managed to escape with his (handmade) “motorcycle” from the place where he was isolated, which is an epic feat. This true EXTREME MECHANIC French maintains its creation until the present day, in the place where it resides in France.

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