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Harley Davidson Fat Boy is customized by Box39 garage

The motorcycle was once a Harley-Davidson Fat Boy, taking tours all over Russia. That was until I crossed paths with a local garage called Box39.

Despite the country's aggression in Ukraine, the barrage of sanctions and the apparent aversion to western products that the local government has, the store did not hesitate to acquire this beautiful American example, and turn it into a beast like no other, maintaining the essence of Milwaukee engineering.

Credits: Box39

Called the Fat Box now, after being transformed, the bike is one of the latest post-invasion products to come out of the doors of the Box39.

The most striking aftermarket elements installed on it are, of course, the wheels, because this is the Box39's main area of expertise. The pieces chosen for this build are the same size 18 inches in diameter and both are solid but differ from each other in depth – the front comes in at 160mm, while the rear comes in at 280mm.

The new wheels required new fenders, air suspension at the rear, and several other changes. Also very visible is the installation of a new exhaust system and the coating of everything in matte and gloss black to really stand out.

Introduced in April, the fat box comes without price tag, so if interested you will have to contact the Russians.

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